How to Remove Wrinkles?


Is there a way to remove wrinkles on our face? Why do wrinkles occur? How can we prevent the formation of wrinkles? What products should we use for this? We have explained the answers to all these questions for you in our blog post. Due to environmental factors, our skin wears out and needs care. To prevent this, we need to nourish our skin with natural products. So how should we do the right care?

Why do we get wrinkles on our face?

The main cause of wrinkles on our skin is aging. Although this is the main reason, there are actually many factors behind it.

The top layer of our skin is called the epidermis. There is a high amount of keratin in the structure of the epidermis. Keratin provides mechanical resistance to the skin, making it look smooth. The layer under the epidermis is the dermis layer. The dermis is thicker than the epidermis. Blood vessels, nerves, collagen, which makes our skin look tight, and elastin, which gives our skin elasticity, are located here. As we age, the production of these proteins begins to decline. Generally, after the age of twenty, collagen production in the dermis layer decreases by about 1% each year. As a result of this decrease, changes occur in the chemical structure of elastin and collagen proteins. The elasticity of the skin is lost and it begins to deform easily. So wrinkles occur.

How can we prevent the formation of wrinkles?

While wrinkles start to show themselves by keeping up with the times, this process can occur faster with the wrong care we do or with our careless care. First of all, we should pay attention to the care we do for our skin.

  • We must clean our make-up and completely cleanse our skin of make-up residues.
  • We should take care to use products that are suitable for our skin type.
  • We should refrain from using chemical-containing products. Chemical-containing products absorb the amount of protein in our skin faster and cause aging faster.
  • We should wash our face with warm water every morning and evening. Our blood circulation will accelerate and keep the skin more vigorous.
  • We should drink plenty of water and eat regularly.
  • We must pay attention to our sleeping patterns. Sleeping less or having an irregular sleep habit is one of the factors that wear our skin.
  • We should massage our face regularly. We can prefer anti-wrinkle massage exercises especially for the eye area and forehead area.

Which products should you use for wrinkles?

  • Natural products should be preferred. You should pay attention to whether the products we will use have organic logos. Do not touch products with chemical ingredients such as Sodium Sulphate, paraben, silicone, cetyl alcohol, kaolin, propylene glycol (PG), diethanolamine (DEA). Be sure to read and research the product content.
  • For the most stubborn wrinkles around the eyes, use Collagen Eye Contour Serum. You can apply this serum to your skin every night before going to bed. For this, you can rely on our brand with 100% natural and organic ingredients, or you can use products that do not contain the chemical ingredients we mentioned above.
  • For stubborn wrinkles on the forehead, you can massage between the eyebrows. For this, choose Olive Milk Serum. This special serum, which has both an anti-wrinkle and moisturizing effect, will help you do the exercise more easily.

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